ABOUT Rev. Yuri M

Rt. Rev. Yuri McGlinchey 33° 90° 97° (Tau Stella Maris) is a Gnostic Bishop; practicing Sacramental Christo-paganism, they are engaged at the crossroads between folk magical traditions, Catholic mysticism, Spiritualism, and the grimoire tradition.

With Tau Andromedae (Orlee Stewart), Yuri co-facilitates the Ecclesia Catholica Chaotica, an Affiliate of The Free Illuminist Movement (Congregational Illuminism), as established by Tau Allen Greenfield. Yuri also facilitates the Societas ex Mariae Infernii , a lay apostolate order in the Esoteric Catholic tradition, working toward universal salvation of human and non human damned, souls in purgatory, and the unbinding and releasing curses; and is active in the Order of the Morning Star (Ordo Stella Matutina), a Esoteric order working angelic magic founded by Madeline Montalban.

A native of New England, Yuri was thrust into the Louisiana wilderness at age 13. This exile only fueled Yuri’s lifelong interest and love in all things mystical and magical, with a special interest in witchcraft, necromancy, and demonology. Drawn by the city’s mythological allure, Yuri moved to New Orleans in 2005, a mere month before Hurricane Katrina. A lifelong student of the Art and solitary practioner, Yuri was consecrated into the Gnostic Episcopacy in 2021.