ABOUT Rev. Yuri M

Rev. Yuri McGlinchey is a folk Catholic witch and muertista, a devotee of the Holy Mother, la Santisima Muerte and the Morning Star, engaged at the crossroads between folk traditions, Catholic mysticism, traditional witchcraft, and the grimoire tradition. Yuri runs the Our Lady of Shadows Coven of the Church of Light & Shadow, is set to become an ordained priest with apostolic succession in 2020, and is also active in the Order of the Morning Star (Ordo Stella Matutina), a Esoteric order working angelic magic founded by Madeline Montalban. A native of New England, Yuri was thrust into the Louisiana wilderness at age 13. This exile only fueled Yuri’s lifelong interest and love in all things mystical and magical, with a special interest in witchcraft, necromancy, and demonology. Drawn by the city’s mythological allure, Yuri moved to New Orleans in 2005, a mere month before Hurricane Katrina. A lifelong student of the Art and solitary witch, Yuri discovered the New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte in 2016, where they finally found their calling.